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Updated: 07/06/2013

The BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl has proved itself to be anything but a passing fad and has earned its place as a must have styling tool for hairdressers and clients a like. You can buy the BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl today from Salon Services for the amazing new price of £99.99 or €119.99.

  • Professional hairdressers love the fact it heats up in seconds and creates gorgeous curls quickly. By using the Babyliss Perfect Curl a wedding party can be styled much faster with no compromise on the outcome. Leaving the girls more time for their make-up, and no risk of anyone being late to the altar

  • In the salon clients are loving the results; especially the fact their curls last much longer without the need for lots of styling product or hairspray.

  • The Perfect Curl is easy to use yourself and even works quickly on poker straight hair meaning you can create amazing curls at home.

  • The ceramic curl chamber creates smooth, long lasting curls and works on all hair lengths.

  • You can change the curl direction to achieve a uniform look or a natural finish or mix it up and create your own unique style.

Watch our video on how to curl your hair using the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl.Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl Tutorial Video

We asked freelance hairdresser and makeup artist Richard Beaumont for his thoughts on the brilliant new tool:
‘As a freelance hairdresser and makeup artist, whether I'm in the salon or on a photo shoot, I've grown to absolutely love the BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl! From my first demo I was amazed how versatile it is. It is so easy to create some incredible looks in under 10 minutes; from those summer 'tussles' to beautifully defined waves fit for a bride. The BaByliss Curl simply works its magic creating a myriad of breath-taking styles.

And it's not just me - the rest of my team just can't get enough of this amazing tool! And it’s the same for my clients, several of them are on the waiting list for one (as if it's the latest 'must have' handbag?!) Plus for me, as someone who rarely has a minute to spare, I especially love how simple and easy it is to use. Just set the direction you want the wave to sit and how loose or tight you want it; and the BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl does the rest. Creating that perfect curl that keeps clients coming back for more.’

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Richard Beaumont
Australian Richard Beaumont is an internationally trained hair and makeup artist with 18+ years of experience. Richard moved to London in 2004 to embark on his dream to become freelance. Combining precision hair design and professional makeup application, Richard has developed an exceptionally strong client proposition. His client portfolio expands across all mediums including television, theatre and photography, and Richard also works with a number of select fashion photographers for both high-end editorial and commercial work.

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