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BaByliss PRO Perfect Curl
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    BaByliss PRO Perfect Curl

    • • Effortlessly create beautiful, glossy, long-lasting curls
      • Ceramic curl chamber for smooth curl creation
      • Curl direction control for a uniform or natural finish
      • Ready to use in seconds with ultra-fast heat recovery
      • Suitable for all hair types, including shorter and longer lengths

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      • Effortlessly create long-lasting curls with the BaByliss PRO Perfect Curl. Featuring revolutionary new patented technology, this breathtakingly innovative BaByliss hair curler is unbelievably simple and quick to use, creating beautiful results in no time.

        Gentle, quick and easy, hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber where it is softly held and heated from all directions. The hair is not put under any tension and it takes just seconds to form a perfect curl. It even has an audio beep indicator to remind you exactly when to release your hair. Experiment with the different settings to create a variety of looks from tight, more defined curls to softer loose waves.

        With three temperature settings, three timer settings and the option to select the curl direction, the artistic control is in your hands. From longer lengths to shorter styles, no matter what the hair type, the Perfect Curl will create shiny, long-lasting curls, every time.

        Product features:

        • Ceramic curl chamber for smooth curl creation
        • 3 timer settings with audio beep indicator for different curl effects
        • 3 heat settings; 190°C, 210°C and 230°C
        • Powerful heating system, ready to use in seconds with ultra-fast heat recovery
        • Curl direction control for either a uniform or natural finish (right/left/auto)
        • Suitable for shorter and longer hair lengths
        • On/off switch with on indicator light
        • Heat ready indicator
        • Auto shut off
        • Salon length swivel cord
        • 6 month guarantee
        Weight: 0.96kg

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    • Reviews Summary

      • Overall Rating Image 4.8 Stars
      • 93.10 % would recomend to a friend (27 of 29)
    • Customer Reviews

      • BaByliss PRO Perfect Curl Review 23 March 2016 Professional review by anonymous
      • Image
      • "Love this product, would highly recommend!"Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Amazing"10 February 2016 by Lisa
      • Image
      • "Just love this product."Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Fabulous"30 June 2015 Professional review by anonymous
      • Image
      • "Just love this product. Since buying have recommended it to others and they like it too."Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • Thank you for your feedback it is much appreciated.

        The Customer Service Team by Sally
      • "Best Curl Product Out There"23 January 2015 Professional review by Paula
      • Image
      • "After wasting so much money on various hair curling products I have found one that keeps my curls in for up to a week! Hair does not dry out and looks fab. Yes you pay a bit but you get what you pay for. The girl in the store did my hair and told me to come back after a couple of hours to see if they had stayed in and they had. Have arthritis so a little heavy to hold but I do get there and wouldn't use anything else. Best hair product I have ever invested in."Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Brilliant"17 December 2014 by Janette Gray
      • Image
      • "Fantastic bit of kit, so easyto use a child could do it as they say. Different heat settings depending how tight you want the curl, also you can have it dropping to the left or the right or even alternate it, the machine has got an automatic setting and will do it for you. It does cost more than your average curling iron, but you get what you pay for, plus the curls stay in much longer. Well done babyliss, absolutely brilliant, and well done sally's for selling at a really good price, and considering that it's Christmas very fast delivery only a couple of days. I would very highly recommend this to anyone who wants natural looking curls I wouldn't want to be without mine now"Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • Review 23 November 2014 by chloe miles
      • Image
      • "love the Babyliss pro stylist i did have the hair wands and would take me over 1h to do my/others hair but with the pro stylist it only take up to 20 min not even that i would recommend it to anyone curls look amazing in hair and last a long time"Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Easy And Fantastic To Use..."17 November 2014 Professional review by Colette
      • Image
      • "excellent results and so easy, lovely curl control.GENIUS IDEA!"Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Excellent!!!"02 September 2014 by Sara
      • Image
      • "Absolutely brilliant product, does exactly what it shows.

        Use mine all the time & curls really last, i would reccommend this product."
        Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Amazing!!"27 August 2014 by anonymous
      • Image
      • "I used to try and curl my hair with straighteners, it would take easily an hour and a half (I have very thick, long hair) and my hair would end up frazzled as it would take several attempts to get a decent curl- I didn't quite have my technique down. Anyway, after reading a million reviews and watching a million YouTube videos I finally bought this a few weeks ago, and I'm so glad I did!! I can get my whole head done in about half an hour and it looks fantastic. Yes it does cost a lot, but I know I'm going to use it often enough to make it worth the money."Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "For The Perfect Curl"15 May 2014 by Francesb
      • Image
      • "I got one of these, from Sally's in Coventry, I had my eye it for while, I have long fine hair, that does not hold an curl, but with the perfect curl, I can Curl's that last, and last, well worse the money, I can now get the same result's, as if I had been to the hairdresser's, the extra long mains cable is an bonus."Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Fantastic!"17 April 2014 by Katie
      • Image
      • "I didn't use to curl my hair very often but after purchasing this curler from my local sally's, i've worn my hair curled a lot! At first I didn't really understand how to use the curlers but with a bit of help from trusty old youtube I found out. This product is my go to for curling my hair, what would take me nearly an hour and a half with a wand now only takes me half hour, its brilliant! I'd really recommend it!"Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Best Thing Since Sliced Bread !!!"28 January 2014 by laura
      • Image
      • "This product is a must... DO NOT hesitate !!! yes its expensive but if your like me and your hair doesnt curl or it does but drops out within 15 minutes, then you need this !!! i was reluctant to buy it because of the price, but i got it home used it straight away, i have micro loop extensions in and they dont curl very well nor does my natural hair, but the curls came out in tight ringlets but soon dropped a little into natural curls. my hair stayed curly for 5 days after i didnt even use hairspray at all ! even when i tried brushing it out for work, within 10 minutes it was back to the original curls. the girls in sallys couldnt believe how good the product was. so please buy it you will not waste your money at all"Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Brilliant"22 January 2014 by Lisa
      • Image
      • "I have naturally curly hair which can also be very frizzy.
        This product is AMAZING and a great price. Would recommend to anyone."
        Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl Review 24 November 2013 by moira differ
      • Image
      • "Was quite disappointed on the price as its £120.00 at argos"Would you recommend it? : No
      • The model available from high street retailers is the retail version of the product which was not designed for professional use and does not have the same settings as the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl. The Babyliss Perfect Pro Curl has 3 temperature settings as opposed to two and also includes the option to select the direction of the curl. The cord is also longer on the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl. Hope that helps to clear up any confusion. by Sally
      • "Excellent !!!"13 November 2013 by Laura
      • Image
      • "What you see on video is what you get! fab babyliss pro curl gives you a long lasting curl that staying in 3 days.Would recommend this babyliss pro curl to anyone"Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Awesome!"11 November 2013 by Michelle
      • Image
      • "By far the best curler I have ever had. Absolutely brilliant and holds the curls very well. Curling wands may be cheaper but you get what you pay for. This is definitely worth paying the extra money for!"Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Pro Curlers"07 November 2013 by Hinnaa Iqbal
      • Image
      • "I LOVE THEM.i thought it only looks easy on video but they are fab!!!!and it really is true gorgeous curls within minutes was so worth my money"Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Brilliant"30 September 2013 by anonymous
      • Image
      • "I bought this yesterday and already love it. Perfect curls that last, on even the lowest temperature setting. Easiest curls in the quickest time- have long hair, in the past bought and tried about every curling appliance on the market, and Nothing compares to pro-curl.
        Expensive but so worth it."
        Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl Review 23 August 2013 by Usha
      • Image
      • "I used to use my straighteners to curl hair & became a dab hand at it but curls never stayed in. After using this curl machine my curls dont fall out anymore. 3days in after using it & my curls are still amazing even from my bed! Quick spritz to tame any frizz/flyaway & hair looks like you've walked out of Salon! Seriously!!!"Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Does What It Says!!"11 August 2013 by mrs I
      • Image
      • "I am useless with curling wands,rollers. I can do on others but on me I could never get the look. I am so chuffed. Once you use twice,even me who seriously struggles to do styles has achieved curls,waves to be proud of ha. You cannot take large amounts at a time. But still you can curl your hair within 10 mins...then drag fingers to loosen the the wave, curl you want. Mine lasted to next day with very little spray. Kids are getting their friends to see as think magic.....expensive Santa pressure I think for kids but this mummy loves."Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Amazing Product"14 July 2013 by Anne K
      • Image
      • "This pro curler is amazing, it is so easy and quick to use, it also stays in overnight!"Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Amazing"05 July 2013 by Stephanie
      • Image
      • "We tried it in the salon andy hair stayed in curls from 9am to 11 pm when i went to bed and it was so good as i cant curl with straighteners and it is so effortless its just amazing"Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Just Fabulous"06 June 2013 Professional review by Hannah
      • Image
      • "A must have product for any dressing table! Curls beautifully and accurately each time!"Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Brillaint"11 May 2013 by Jo
      • Image
      • "Expensive, but worth every penny. Being left handed I could never curl the right side of my hair and always looked like a birds nest. This product is just amazing. Spent so much money on other curling devices so wish this had been bought out years ago. Just love xxx"Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Beware If You Open The Seal On The Item You Cannot Return It Uless It Is Faulty"07 May 2013 by Doreen
      • Image
      • "The pro curl is a very good produces great curls however it is very heavyu to hopld and use and not suitable for anyone with weak wrists or hands and I am left with a great hair accessory which I cannot use as I cannot hold it due to weak wrists and at this price this is so upsetting Did not get any help or assistance from the customer service team whatsoever remember the old motto "Buyer beware""Would you recommend it? : No
      • BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl Review 04 May 2013 by anonymous
      • Image
      • "Fantastic product - on day 3 of curls and just been caught in the wind and rain and still have beautiful curls ! Plus for the first time I did my hair myself and did'nt have to wait for someone to do it for me.also excellant customer service.i"Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Amazing!"19 April 2013 by Julie Bigland
      • Image
      • "Have just purchased this from my local hairdressing warehouse- yes its expensive but WOW what a fabulous gadget. Need to style 4 bridesmaids with little time to spare so this will cut my time by half compared to curling tongs. Easy to get used to and would definately recommend it."Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Wow Wow Wow!!"18 April 2013 by Billy m
      • Image
      • "Quite simply the most amazing gadget I've ever bought (beauty wise!) I have waist length very thick blonde hair extensions (dead straight). I curl them using Braun gas tongs for nights out but it takes at least 60-90 mins & the curls drop quickly especially if its damp outside. Saw this reviewed in Femail (daily mail) then watched YouTube video & thought I gotta get this accessory. Cost me £169 (free p&p) through Sally - cheapest around. Arrived today so tried it out.easy to use, perfect results & it took a whole head of 28 blonde hair extensions 8 mins from start to finish & 8 hrs later they're still curly. Eat your heart out Pamela Anderson. Sell your 1st born (or husband!) & buy this superb item asap. So so happy with results it ricks"Would you recommend it? : Yes
      • "Fantastic"18 April 2013 Professional review by Stacey
      • Image
      • "Curled my hair In 10 mins and it lasted all day they are expensive but well worth it !"Would you recommend it? : Yes
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