Beautiful Britain Blog Post 2015

Beautiful Britain 2015 – An In-depth Guide

We took a look at the findings from 2015’s Beautiful Britain report, our exclusive industry investigation that focuses on what’s big in the UK beauty industry. If you need to know what to watch this year, this is the guide for you! Stay ahead of your competitors and be clued up on the latest beauty trends, hottest hair trends and how to keep your customers coming back for more.

Haven’t had a chance to read the report yet? View the Beautiful Britain survey in full.

Now let’s take a look at what to keep an eye on in 2015.

Top Trends for 2015

For UK women, it’s still all about the hair…. and that is unlikely to change.

Hair is going to continue to be big business in 2015. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has been crowned the most popular style inspiration for UK women in 2015. With her stylish return to last year’s X Factor women across the country are looking to professionals like you to replicate those edgy high ponytails, glamorous waves and 60s-inspired bouffant.

Cheryl has stolen the top spot from last year’s most popular style icon the Duchess of Cambridge. The Duchess is still a firm favourite with Londoners who claim to love her elegant and refined style.

Errol Douglas, MBE, award-wining hair stylist and owner of Errol Douglas Salon, London sums it up for us,
“Most UK women are tired of playing it safe and are moving on from Kate Middleton’s pretty but tame style and gravitating towards Cheryl’s more urban and modern looks. Cheryl’s new hair colour, which is a luxurious mix of blonde and brown shades known as ‘bronde’, is making waves with customers wanting something more exciting than just single tone colour.”

How’s your permanent and semi permanent hair dye stock looking? You’ll be needing loads of it this year if you want to replicate this style – take a look and see what we’ve got to offer on our professional hair colour pages. 

Attracting new customers and keeping the old
The economy has finally shown signs of improvement. In fact, Barclays Bank’s annual small business survey showed that, on average, the income of small businesses grew by 7.4% in 2014- the highest level of growth in 14 years.

However, fragile customer loyalty is still holding some businesses back on plans to grow and expand. Throughout the recession customers gained thrifty habits and are now more likely to use the net to seek out the cheapest prices rather than staying loyal to one salon or professional. As a result, treatment prices for both hair and beauty are being driven down and visits to salons are less frequent.

It’s not just keeping the old customers loyal that has kept beauty professionals on their toes: attracting new clients in the first place is equally important. Two thirds of salon owners told us they’ve had to work harder to bring clients in over the past year.

Opportunities for growth in 2015

So it’s clear that offering the latest hair trends and beauty treatments at competitive prices will help drive customers to your salon, and keep them coming back again and again. But how do you make the most of that to grow your business this year? We’ve chosen three ways in which you can grow your business in 2015:

Make the most of Male Grooming

Male grooming is important not to overlook in 2015. With less than half of professionals currently offering male grooming services, this part of the market can present lucrative opportunities. Recent research from Halifax shows that 68% of UK men look online for the best deals. Using social media and having a solid online presence can be the key to attracting more male customers through your doors, as well as offering relevant retail products in your salon itself.

On average, UK men can spend around £63 on a package of the three most popular male grooming treatments: haircut, a men’s hair colour and a facial. They also visit frequently; every five weeks for a haircut and every nine weeks for hair colouring and facials. If you can grow your male client base by 20 men, you could potentially add an additional £8,600 a year to your business’ turnover. It really is an opportunity too good to be missed!

Indulge in couples’ treatments

According to 40% of respondents, couples getting hair and beauty treatments together is a growing trend.

With Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and special occasions happening all year, professionals could capitalise on this trend by offering bespoke couples’ packages and discounts. Plus, it’s a very seasonal opportunity!

Offering couples’ packages and deals, along with boosting overall earning potential, will also work at getting those all-important male clients through the door, giving you the opportunity to encourage them to return for essential grooming treatments.

Never underestimate the importance of upselling

Once you get your clients through the door you have a captive audience. Use this opportunity to recommend products that customers can use to enhance the salon experience once they get home. Our skincare and cosmetics ranges can be a perfect way of adding extra value to each visit.

Having this extra revenue stream can be important for salon and mobile workers, particularly when the pricing and frequency of treatments fluctuate.