Cinderella Nails

Feel like royalty with this new nail collection! Inspired by the upcoming live-action movie, Morgan Taylor and Red Carpet Manicure present “The Cinderella Collections”; gorgeous assortments of Cinders-themed nail lacquers and gel polishes designed to give you nails fit for any party – whether you need to leave at midnight or not.
Disney’s Cinderella comes out on the 27th of March in UK cinemas, and is a retelling of the 1950’s animated classic, featuring sumptuous costumes, make-up and hair styles that capture the glamour of the original film. To celebrate this magical style, both companies have created gel nail polish and lacquers based on the film’s colour scheme, characters, and overall Disney aesthetic. They’re creating a real buzz amongst fashion bloggers and nail enthusiasts for their shimmering, pearlescent effects and range of colours; and they’re the hottest new addition to many nail artists’ kits as well.
We’re really excited to be stocking these exclusive ranges at Sally, and decided to take a closer look at each brand’s collection to find our favourites.
Morgan Taylor
Available in 6 different shades, these nail lacquers are a pastel palette of magical colours with some really fantastic names. Morgan Taylor nail polish is a well-known salon favourite (and not just for their cute names) so we were looking forward to checking out their creations.
We’ve got to say: our favourite is Party at the Palace. Its light-blue shimmery colour comes from Ella’s dress in the ball scene of the movie. No spoilers, but we’re all familiar with that iconic blue gown, and now you can wear its classic appeal on your nails too.
For savvy shoppers, try the Cinderella Mini Four Pack – with Party at the Palace, The Slipper Fits, Watch Your Step Sister and Ella of a Girl, it contains 4 of the 6 colours available from Morgan Taylor in 5ml bottles. Not only do you save money, it’s perfect for picking your own favourite. At Sally, although our favourite shade is Party at the Palace, we can’t decide which has the best name… although we love a good play on words, so it’s probably Ella of a Girl! And let’s face it, that pale pink nail lacquer is to die for.
Red Carpet Manicure
Boasting 10 different colours, Red Carpet Manicure’s gel nail polish is as vibrant and varied as ever in this collection. Red Carpet nails are something every nail polish enthusiast aims to get, and we’re no different – their sleek gels and perfect finish give salon-quality nails without having to leave your house (or your pyjamas!) and it’s no surprise they’ve collaborated with Disney to bring you this gorgeous new range.
It was definitely really difficult to pick a favourite. Call us clichéd, but we just can’t get over that gorgeous blue dress, and our Red Carpet pick would have to be Life Is Short, Wear A Tiara. Similar to the Morgan Taylor offering, this shade is based on Ella’s stunning ball gown, but with added sparkle fit for night-out, special occasion or even just feel-like-a-princess nails, and we can’t get enough of it.
If that’s not enough, gel nail addicts like us will be pleased to find out that four of these gel nail polishes are exclusive to Sally:
You won’t be able to get these anywhere else, so make sure you don’t miss out!
Want to keep up to date with everything Ella on Sally? Visit our Cinderella nails page to check out the full range, and follow our #SallylovesCinderella hashtag on our social media accounts for the latest news. And make sure you put the 27th in your diaries… this movie is not to be missed!