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Greasy hair can strike at any time - and when it does, it can be a real pain to banish it. While these random attacks can seem as though the world just isn’t on your side, there are a number of reasons for your hair to go on the grease offensive. Sometimes it’s hormonal changes, sometimes it’s poor eating habits and sometimes it’s just a case of you being a little behind in your hair maintenance. If you’ve had enough and want to bring the wow-factor back to your tresses, here are some tips on how to get rid of greasy hair.

Greasy Hair Product

There are plenty of products online and in stores to battle your stressed-out locks. Schwarzkopf’s Professional Osis+ Dust It Mattifying Volume Powder comes armed with two main weapons: its lightweight powder gives hair a matte effect - waving goodbye to grease - while its strong control and separation components add a bit of volume, a technique that always helps to hide oiliness.

A leave-in spray is a good idea when your hair needs some TLC. We love Revlon’s Uniq One Coconut 10 in 1 Treatment Spray, which has ten haircare solutions in one bottle. The coconut oil helps to take away slickness while maintaining a naturally smooth glow and adding body and volume.

Best Shampoo for Greasy Hair

While you’ve got to remember to look after your hair to reduce grease, it’s good to know that you don’t have to shampoo your hair every day - in fact, less is more in this case. Use a good oil-removal shampoo once every two or three days. Paul Mitchell’s Clarifying Shampoo Two works with both your hair and scalp to get rid of grease and grime, minimises oil production and gets things shiny and bouncy again.

Dry shampoos are a blessing - not only can you cut down on your shower time, but they work wonders in helping to curb oily hair. TIGI Bed Head Oh Beehive! absorbs all the nasty oil that keeps your hair looking limp and lifts it at the roots so you can rock a full volume ‘do. If you like to both look and do good, Maria Nila Style & Finish Dry Shampoo is a powder spray that is great for freshening greasy hair - plus it’s 100% vegan and the packaging is 100% co2 compressed. So it’s good for your hair and the planet!

How to Stop Greasy Hair

While a regular shampoo cycle will help your hair to chill out, to cut back on grease it’s wise to condition your hair a little less. Some experts swear by skipping conditioner altogether, but if you can’t go cold turkey just yet, try applying it to just the tips of your hair, so that your scalp - where the grease is worst - isn’t affected by the oils conditioners contain.

Apple cider vinegar has long been an oft-touted method for whipping oily locks back into shape. It sounds gross, but fungus is found naturally in the hair, and this is often what causes greasiness, which ACV can kill. Don’t forget to dilute it, though - two to three spoonfuls in a cup of water will make sure nothing burns.

Hairstyles for Greasy Hair

Greasy hair is made worse if you’re prone to playing with it, so try to keep your hands off. Tie or clip it back if your fringe keeps falling in your face, as oil from your fingers could be transferring onto your hair. Luckily the messy chic bun will never go out of style, so throw your hair up in a trendy topknot to stave off the grease and bring on the compliments.