Easy to Apply Halloween Hair & Makeup Ideas


Get set for Halloween with some simple yet stylish looks that won’t break the bank to replicate. We’ve scoured the web for the hottest Halloween looks of the season, bringing you the spookiest makeover ideas since that time your cousin “gave you a little colour” with some permanent felt-tip pen.

Make the most of that fading summer tan and go for the deer look, a type of Halloween make up that’s actually really simple yet always impresses if you do it right. You’ll need to make sure you’ve got some good Bronzer for contouring your cheeks and forehead, but what really makes this look is the nose & big, doe-y eyes. Take a soft-lead eyeliner/eyebrow pencil (brown works best) and copy the image above, making sure you don’t skimp on colouring your nose in. Be bold! Match it up with some seriously large false eyelashes – think Ardell’s Ombre Lash for something a bit different – and you might get quite Fawn’d of the look! Don’t forget the adorable white dots, too; some white eyeshadow or eyeliner works a treat here.


This look is brilliant if you’ve got naturally pale skin, and is easy to adapt to use whatever you’ve got in the house. As with the Deer look above, the important thing with Halloween doll makeup is to be bold with your eyeliner usage: go for thick stripes for your markings, and make the eyes extremely smokey. As you can see in the example, we also like the red lipstick effect, as many traditional dolls used to sport a perfect pout. Enhance the puppet effect by only colouring some of your lips, and leaving the rest your natural shade or filled in with concealer / pressed powder. And, if red lipstick isn’t usually your thing, our Vogue Lipstick from Lord & Berry goes for the Hollywood starlet look without being too over the top. Maybe you’ll be a convert for the rest of the year?

Evil Princess

Ever wondered what your evil twin would look like? With this crazy Halloween hair look, now you know: kind of like you, but cooler, and with killer hair. Take this picture as inspiration and go wild with semi-permanent hair dyes, backcombed locks, and bold black makeup. Crazy Colour has a huge range of vibrant wash-out hair colours, so you can experiment with different shades like this awesome example. If you’re needing a little top-up from the salon, this could be the perfect time to let your roots go wild and stand out – why not go for contrasting colours, or choose flattering, matching shades? Pair with silly accessories like skull necklaces, earrings and princess crowns, and you’ve got your look nailed down. Remember those patterned kimono jackets from last summer? Why not get creative and add some fake blood splatters, or turn it into an evil Queenly overcoat? Because let’s be honest... you’re probably not going to wear it again, right?

Psst: if you need some help making your hair really BIG, we’ve got loads of Backcomb brushes that’ll do just the job.

Skeleton Nails

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without some skeletons, right? This Halloween nail art idea is perfect if you’ve got no time to spare on the night for getting ready (as in, you’re too busy partying) and need to prep something in advance. Start with a simple white base – easy enough, right? – and then use a Striper Pen to fill in the details. Don’t worry if you’re not too confident painting anything elaborate, as it’s pretty easy to create the basic skeleton look. Start off with big oval eyes, then add two smaller dots for the “nose”. Finish it off with a wavy line for the mouth, and draw a few cross-hatched lines for the teeth.

If you’re a whizz with a brush, why not take inspiration from the Calavera look, as shown above? We’ve got plenty of shades of pen available, so you could have a rainbow of skulls on your fingers this Halloween. Pair with plain black clothes and dark eyes for a haunting “Queen of the Dead” look.

What's next?

There you have it – some devilishly pretty Halloween makeup and hair ideas that we really do think you’ll be able to do at home. Plus, none of them should take more than an hour to complete (even the hair, we promise!), leaving you more time for the important parts of the holiday: delicious sweets, crazy parties, and seeing who’s done something really daring this year costume-wise. Still needing some inspiration, or not quite sure what shades bring out the “beast” in you? Visit our Get Set for Halloween page and see what the biggest beauty brands, from Manic Panic to Morgan Taylor, are doing this spooky season. We’re fans of the Rocky Horror Picture Show collection of nail polishes... suspenders and red lipstick, anyone?