Interview with the Blo Dry Bar

Ever been for an amazing haircut and left the salon feeling and looking great only to find your newly styled hair quickly loses its bounce? In between haircuts you have two options to get the feel and look of just done hair, perfect the at home blow dry or get a blow dry done by professionals.

We met up with the Blo Dry team in Glasgow to find out more about their blow drying services, they told us the benefits of getting a professional blow dry and how you can extend the life of yours once you’ve left the salon.

The Blo Dry bar is run by a team of professional stylists, the Managing Director Alastair told us a bit about what makes them so great at the blow dry, “We have a team of people whose passion is styling hair. We do one thing and our whole business is built around it, so we are really exceptionally good at it, and we have perfected it. We really pride ourselves on the quality and the finish that we offer.”

The Blo Dry bar in Glasgow city centre, like many specialist blow dry salons, offer a menu to help customers choose which style they want. For this salon there is eight advertised styles on their menu, the ‘Braid in Chelsea’, ‘Bayswater Belle’, ‘Super Sleek’, ‘California Curls’, ‘Super Straight’, ‘Sloany Pony’, ‘So Bardot’, ‘Big Hair’. However, Alastair made it clear that the menu was only a guide and that styles could be adapted to suit each client, whether you want a little volume on top or very big and very glamorous, you can have it any way you choose. 

Going to a blow dry bar can cost between £15-£30 and take anywhere between 15-45 minutes. You go in, have your hair washed, dried and styled to perfection. The team at Blo Dry think that the blow dry bar concept will go from strength to strength across the UK as it has done across the Atlantic in places like New York and Los Angeles where many women now never have to wash their own hair and rely solely on getting it professionally blow dried.
Other benefits of the professional blow dry:

Visit the salon in your outfit and you’re ready for a night out in half an hour

Have your makeup and lashes done while you’re there

Some salons also offer nails or threading while your hair is being done

Achieve styles that look and feel professional
What about making your blow dry last in between salon visits:

Have some dry shampoo on hand to refresh your style and give some lift when your style loses it

Invest in some bobbles that won’t tangle your hair

Consider your hair type before you decide your style

If you are visiting a salon in the morning you could ask them to put your hair in pin curls which you can remove yourself in the evening

Use dust-it powder for hold and volume the day after your style

Humidity can make your hair fall flat so run cold water in your bath then add the hot water, this should help eliminate steam

To further combat the effect of humidity on your hair use a straightening cream

Always use the cold setting on your hairdryer on to set your style

Tousling hair can normally help bring back your style

Using a dress-out brush  will help you get volume in to your hair
So will the blow dry become just as popular a beauty treatment as getting your nails done? Let us know what you think.

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