Movember Male Grooming

Male grooming tips post-Movember

November is the one month of the year where anything goes when it comes to wild and whacky moustaches. If you've been raising money for charity and sporting a fine set of bristles this autumn, we salute you. But with Movember coming to an end, it's time to start thinking about giving your face, moustache and beard a little extra TLC.

Getting your facial hair under control

Whether you've long sported facial hair or you grew some especially for Movember, there's a good chance you've been mixing things up this month – so we've got some essential male grooming tips to get you back on track.

Rather than saying goodbye to your new style, try taming your moustache with the help of a fine toothed comb and a pair of a pair of scissors because if you want to keep your facial hair in check, it's necessary to trim it. If you're not comfortable doing it yourself, find a salon that will do it for you!

Don’t forget that, just like the hair on your head, your facial hair needs a regular cleansing. Try and exfoliating face wash that will also help you combat dry skin below your luxurious new moustache. It's also worth getting hold of a dedicated moustache and beard hydrator that's designed to keep the hair soft and supple – all the better for helping you get close to your beloved.

Returning to a smooth shave

If you're ready to say goodbye to your moustache in one fell swoop, start by trimming with scissors or electric clippers (we expect a good amount of growth after your-razor free month!). Next, decide on your shaver. If it's a normal men's electric shaver, keep your stubble bone dry and use an alcohol-based pre-shave product to remove dead skin. If you're using a wet or traditional shaver, wash your face with warm water and choose a luxurious shaving cream.

Pull your skin tight and be sure to shave in the direction of your hair growth to avoid nicks or sore spots. Splash with cold water afterwards to tighten your pores then pat on aftershave. Be sure to also invest in a good men's moisturiser, as your skin may have grown a little dry during the last month!
Go forth and enjoy the freedom to do whatever you want with your facial hair – until Movember rolls around again, that is.