New Year's Skin Detox Tips

New Year, New Skin.

January is here, the party season is over and we’ve weathered the storm.  Unfortunately all that good food and bad weather can be tough on your skin, so it’s time to get yourself out of the festive food-mood and think about looking fabulous again. So how can you get perfect skin for January?  Sally is here to help, with the help of our favourite essential beauty supplies for 2015.

We've got a selection of some of the best skin care products specifically for winter skin, and what better place to start than out with the old, and in with the new?
  • Skintruth's gentle facial exfoliator will wash away dead skin cells, leaving a smoother, more radiant you to start the new year. 


  • Want something delicious?  Try the pot of delight that is the Whipped Beauty Body Butter from MAD Beauty, available in Raspberry Ripple or Strawberries and Cream flavours. Not only will the blend of emollients make for a perfect moisturiser for dry skin, but you’ll smell good enough to eat.

Don't forget to treat yourself from the inside out!

As well as laying off the Christmas chocolate and treating yourself to some fabulous body butter, there are plenty other ways to treat your skin right by eating well. If you treat yourself from the inside, your skin is bound to show it. Add to that some of our skincare products and you'll be turning heads this season.
  • Start with the basics. If you eat your 5 a day, fruit and veg are stuffed with anti-oxidants that help protect your skin from damage by free radicals.


  • You don’t have to stop there. Four little Brazil nuts contain the recommended daily allowance of selenium, another powerful anti-oxidant.  And they’re tasty too. If you can't bear giving up chocolate, why not dip them in dark chocolate to ease yourself into your health kick gently!
Don’t fear fat.  Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in fish, seeds and nuts provide essential fatty acids which act as a natural moisturiser. If your skin feels hydrated, it's bound to take more benefit from one of our natural moisturisers. Finish off your facial routine with the Nourishing Moisturiser by Skintruth and you'll be the belle of the winter ball!