No hassle festival hairstyles

Festival hairstyles don't just change every year – they change from festival to festival too. Glastonbury or Bestival, for instance, call for a hippie-chic look, while T in the Park, Reading and Leeds demand something a little edgier.  So what's the best festival hairstyle for you? The trick is to find a look that reflects your personality, is in tune with the festival's vibe and – perhaps most importantly – doesn't need much maintenance. Here's our pick of some of the best hairstyles for festivals.
Easy up-dos
If you've got long hair, an up-do is the perfect way to keep tangles, grease and matted tendrils at bay – particularly if you plan to spend plenty of time dancing. A top knot or high bun is an easy and stylish hairdo that will keep the hair off your face all weekend. You'll need to make sure you've got a good hair brush, some snag-free elastic bands, classic hair grips and a regular blitz of firm hold hairspray to keep everything in place.
For a slightly softer look, try braiding your hair before twisting it into an up-do or a regular bun. And if you're lucky enough to have short festival hair, you can still join the braids trend by wearing a French braid band – they're also perfect for hiding a worse-for-wear fringe.
Fuss free loose locks
Planning to wear your hair au naturale? Music festivals can get very humid so take plenty of smoothing gel with you to keep the frizz at bay. Unless you're at a boutique festival, you're unlikely to have access to a shower so dry shampoo is a must. Or, if you really want to make an impression, think about dying your hair a bold colour like electric blue or hot pink. And if you're not keen to make a permanent change, choose a good washout hair dye and your crazy festival hairstyle will be a festival-only thing.