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'How to Get Smooth Skin

Smooth skin is the ultimate goal, but one that can be hard to achieve. Whether it’s sun damage, lines and wrinkles, or the occasional breakout, there are plenty of frustrating factors that can leave you despairing when it comes to achieving unblemished skin.

If you need some help with your difficult skin - and fast - we have some tips on how to get smoother skin, as well as skin care products and routines you can start to help keep things baby-soft and lead to healthy skin.

Use Fresh Makeup and Brushes

A good rule of thumb is to renew your makeup every 6 months. If you’re still squeezing the dregs from your foundation, bear in mind that, like everything else, makeup can gather bacteria - and that’s not something you want to be rubbing into your skin! You can salvage your brushes, however - instead of throwing them out, just give them a good old wash. Pop a squirt of shampoo into a bowl of lukewarm water, gently swirl them around, give them a rinse, then leave them to dry. Problem solved!

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep deprivation can lead to stress and stress can lead to dreary damaged skin. Try to bag a good 7-8 hours of beauty sleep every night to let your body recharge. It’s good to pull your hair back from your face as you sleep and keep your fringe and flyaway strands at bay, so that they don’t irritate your face. Don’t forget to regularly wash your pillowcases, too - dust and oil can build up pretty quickly and make their way onto your face as you snooze.

Honey for Skin

Honey naturally contains antioxidants and antibacterial properties, so is a great weapon in your quest for smoother skin. You can seek out skin care products that use honey as an active ingredient, or get a little creative at home. Make a lo-fi exfoliating face mask by mixing an egg white with honey, then apply it to your face for 20 minutes before washing off with cold water. Or pop a tiny bit of honey on a spot before bed and wake up to rejuvenated skin. Honey’s not just good for your face - add two cups of honey as you run your bath water for a delicious experience to leave you smooth smelling sweet all over.

Diet and Exercise

One of the best things you can do to keep on top of your skin care is to make sure you’re eating well, getting enough hydration and exercising. A diet high in lean proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, and low in sugar and refined carbs, will lessen the number of breakouts you experience. Think vegetables, berries, white meat, fish, nuts and grains, as opposed to nasty junk food. If exercise normally leaves you cold, try thinking outside of the box - a run with a friend, a dance class, roller-skating, or pole classes are all ways of keeping fit without feeling like you’re punishing yourself in the gym.

Moisturise for Healthy Skin

Applying moisturiser to your face is perfect for keeping your skin soft and smooth. Most moisturisers contain humectants, substances which lock in moisture and firm up your skin, leaving it looking brand new. Once you’ve removed your makeup and washed your face, make it part of your nightly routine to massage in some moisturiser just before bed - you’ll wake up with refreshed and rehydrated skin.

Use Toner

Toning is a part of the skin care routine that’s most often left out, but it’s also one of the most essential, especially if you’re after smoother skin. A good toner, like Skintruth’s Soothing Toner, will work its way deep into your skin to get rid of excess oil left over from your soap or cleanser, as well as the dirt of the day. At the same time, it gets to work on redressing the pH balance of your skin, leaving it soothed and glowing.

Remove Your Makeup Every Night

We’ve all skipped the occasional night, whether through tiredness or just forgetfulness. No one wants to wake up to a foundation-stained pillow and crusty eye makeup. Your skin truly will thank you if you remember to wipe off all products before you sleep. Not only does it allow your skin to breathe and recuperate, but it stops oils from building up and breakouts from happening. Treat your face to a makeup removal cream if your skin is sensitive as this will be a gentler treatment than harsher face wipes.